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natural feeling

aware that the naturalness of the aromas will increasingly represent the trend of the coming years, in compliance with the regulation (ec) n. 1334/2008, we have created for you all the aromatic notes we know, in liquid form (water or fat soluble), powder or granular.


we consider ourselves specialists in the selection of the best aromatic substances and the most elaborate natural aromatic extracts (botanicals), many of which are exclusively produced by us.


the most varied aromatic notes belonging to the following categories are available:


  • natural flavors

  • natural flavors of (bio suitable)

  • ftnf aromas (bio suitable)

  • "all natural" flavourings: the only 100% natural, produced with only natural aromatic or flavoring preparations, without solvents and synthetic carriers, additives, allergen free. also available in bio suitable version


We capture the essence of nature by creating the perfect tasteful design

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